Thrifting 101: Girl Tips

I like buying new clothes but, I’m so aggressively rough with them!! I tend to ruin clothes by finding holes two weeks later. Instead of always buying new and wasting my money, going to a thrift store isn’t such a bad idea once in a while. To get the best bang for your buck, I tend to stick to a few rules. I’ve seen clothing with stains on them, damaged or even dirty. That’s not something we want from a successful haul. Follow these tips and you will find the best pieces in the store.

Tip 1: Shop in the men’s aisle.

Graphic baggy tees are perfect for at home looks and even some street style.

Over-sized hoodies are most often found in the men aisle. I love a long hoodie to pair with sweats or dress-style with some long boots.

Jean jackets. Depending on the style you’re going for, some men jackets are actually cute.

Jeans!!! Boyfriend jeans? Yes, please. SO many Levi’s found in the men sections its crazy.

Flannels. Soft fleece flannels or oversized blouse-like flannel are perfect tucked in to skirts, or ripped jeans.

Tip 2: Home decor

Flower vases. Large, medium or small, it’s still going to look chic. Paint them or keep them as is, you can never have too many flowers around the house wether their fake or real!

Picture frames. So many styles to chose from and you’re not paying $20 bucks per frame. Print pictures off Pinterest or Google and you have some expensive looking artwork.

Lamps. Vintage, chic, modern, you name it, they have it. Can use for office lamp, living room table, bedside table, & hallway. Cheap and chic.

Baskets. SOO many woven baskets. SOO many uses.

Vintage pictures. They have a variety of signs/pictures if you’re looking to fill space on your wall. Some are tacky but a lot of them are cute as well!

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