How To Make The Best Holidays Memories This Year!

This year is very strange considering the circumstances. With boarders closed and restrictions (depending where you are) not making it simple to relish the holidays as per last year, for example. Christmas is suppose to feel magical, peaceful, and merry. This unprecedented year can’t take that away from us.

Driving to see the lights is one way to dive into the spirt of holidays. The luminous lights radiate positivity throughout my entire body. Signing to the soul bringing a smile upon my face. Grab a hot chocolate or tea enjoy the sensations with you or your loved ones.

Cheerful holidays movies! There are many uplighting and comedy-driven holidays movies to choose from. The spirit of the holidays is captured in various movies. You can check out my list of 11 Christmas movies to watch on my blog. I’ll link below.

Decorating for the holidays. This is one that always put me spirit. Setting up the tree, decorating, and even going to buy a few new ornaments to add for the collection. Throw on some holidays songs and decorate your heart out!

Holidays baking. The smell of gingerbread, sugar cookies, peppermint chocolate and so many more wonderful, Christmas flavour profiles, are nostalgic to this time of year. Pour a glass of wine and get baking!

Holidays shopping and wrapping gifts. This one is the most exciting in my opinion. All the stores are decked out in decorations, everything is holidays themed. Picking out the gift paper/gift bag, and wrapping them get me excited to give. That’s what holidays is all about, giving and spending it time with family.

Cuddle up by a fireplace and drink your favourite holiday drink! The cozy vibes from this one remind me of how grateful we are. Watch the wood burn in tranquility with loved ones or even by yourself and tell yourself how blessed it is to be alive!

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