11 Christmas Movies To Cuddle Up W/ Loved Ones!

These classic Christmas movies strike my mind when the holiday season hits. Although, some are new, these movies are entertaining and will having you in the Christmas spirit.

The Grinch! and/or Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch is the tale of a non-festive buzz kill- who tries to ruin the Christmas spirit for everyone with the company of his dog Max.

Christmas with the Kranks

Luther and Nora Kranks want nothing to do with Christmas this year, since their daughter is away at school. Their plan is an escape to a tropical resort and skip the madness of the Christmas. A last minute phone call will soon ruin their scheme. They receive a phone call from their daughter stating she will be able to attend Christmas back home. This comedy film shows The Kranks hustle to make Christmas happen in limited time.


As Santa passes away, the legacy passes down to his son, Nick . Nick runs away from the North Pole because of the enforcement to become Old Saint Nick. Noelle, Nick’s sister, is up for the task to track him down. On her quest, she comes to find out that Nick doesn’t want to be Santa Claus. What will Noelle do?

Last Christmas

Kate is an aspiring singer, who works as an elf each Christmas holiday. She just doesn’t seem to have “good luck” -until she meets Tom. As the city becomes a Christmas Wonderland, her and Tom fall in-love.


This classic Christmas movie is about Buddy the Elf leaving the North Pole to find his real father in New York City.


Single Sloane, puts her foot down with being single every holiday. She decides to follow her Aunt Susan’s rule of thumb and finds a “Holidate.” Two strangers agree to meet up solely on holidays to be each others date.

Operation Christmas Drop

Erica Millers ends up flying to Guam’s Air Base for work during the holidays. She is expected to keep an eye on the Air Force base due to budget cuts- she keeps an eye on someone else instead.

The Holiday

Amanda from L.A and Iris from England switch houses for the holiday to get their mind off men. This romantic/comedy turns out unexpectedly for both ladies when encounterring certain soulmates.

Office Christmas Party

In this crazy Christmas comedy, the branch manager, Clay, throws a party to try and land a big client. Needless to say, it doesn’t go as planned, or does it?

Four Christmases

Selfish, Katie and Brad (unmarried) always go on vacation around the holidays. When their trip is ruined, they involuntary visit their four divorced parents get-togethers. This comedy/drama follows Brad and Katie around their crazy families and bring up unresolved pasts.

Fred Claus

Santa Claus’s older brother, Fred, ends up in jail for theft. Santa and Fred agree that if Santa bails Fred out, he needs to come to the North Pole to make toys for Christmas. This hilarious movie starring Vince Vaughn will have you laughing all the way through.

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