Gyms Closed- Again? Ugh… Here’s what you can do so you don’t go crazy this time.

The gym is pretty important to a lot of us, and clinically proven to help related health issues. The problem is, COVID-19 has impacted mental health in many more ways than one. The gym is one of the few places where you can go- release stress and work on yourself. Unfortunately, with spikes of cases of COVID-19, the gym can close at any time and for me, that’s just what it did.

How am I copping with this? WALKS. The beautiful fresh air and nature help, not to mention it is a form of exercise-duh. Okay great, so walks help but you can’t walk all day, every day, what else can you do? Make a list of things that give your body that same level of focus and endorphin levels that you would get in the gym. It could be: going for a walk to watch the sunset, writing, reading, baking/and or cooking a new meal once a day, organizing/deep cleaning a certain space, take a long hot bath with your favourite bath bombs or Epsom salts, take your dog to the park and interact with other dogs, date nights with your partner (plan something you normally wouldn’t do).

Mental health is crucial for the human body to stay healthy- yet there are other ways to “exercise” your mind and body. Start today by making your life still enjoyable without the gym. We know it sucks, but remember, it’s only temporary.

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