Starbucks Puppacino’s- Are They Good For Your Furry Friend?

Puppacino: Yummy whipped cream in a small sized cup from Starbucks.

Although, you do need to ask for it, I think it’s great how once given to your pet, they go crazy digging into the whipped-goodness and for a few moments you can drive in peace. Is it good for your dog? Let’s find out.

The answer is-YES! (in small quantities). Whipped cream is dairy and should check with your vet if your pet can stomach it. According to CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) :

While milk is not necessary to a dog’s (or cat’s) diet, it can be a treat if given from time to time.  However, some pets cannot tolerate milk because they do not produce an enzyme called “lactase”. Lactase helps with the digestion of lactose, which is found in milk. After weaning, the level of lactase activity falls to about 10 per cent of its peak activity. In some animals, diarrhoea will occur if more lactose (i.e. milk) is consumed than the pet can digest. This is called “lactose intolerance”.


  • Check with vet if your dog is lactose intolerance
  • DO NOT give your dog a puppacino e v e r y t i m e you get yourself a drink from Starbucks

Dogs deserve to be treated once in a while too, just do it safely.

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