Quick And Easy Healthy Desserts

Growing up I’ve always trying to come up with healthy alternatives for snacks. My dad always called them “creations.” Everyone has a different idea of what “healthy” is. Mine may not be yours, and that’s okay. Here are healthy alternatives that have worked me.

One cut up Granny Smith apple, 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter and 1/4 cup whole wheat goldfish. This trio gives my taste buds a balance of salty and sweet. Not to mention, super easy to prepare. Typically, I’ll have this in the morning if I’m not that hungry or when I’m too lazy to make food.

My chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. These fill me up, and they’re a better alternative than a standard chocolate chip cookie. I’ll link them below.

Pro-oats. Protein oatmeal. Filling, yet, protein packed and quick. I start with microwaving 1/4 cup of oatmeal with water or oat milk for 30 seconds. Add cinnamon, nutmeg and protein powder and stir. Add another 30 seconds in microwave then top with delicious nuts or fruit.

Fruits and nuts. Depending on what I got for groceries, these usually are different. Some days it’s kiwi and pecans and maybe another day it’s strawberries and peanuts. Whatever you’re feeling, go for it.

Protein pancakes. If i’m already in the kitchen making them, I’ll make extra to freeze and pop them in the toaster. Blueberry, banana, pumpkin- whatever flavour you’re feeling, do it.

Banana boats. Cut banana in half, top with favourite nut butter and/or melted chocolate, top with granola, nuts, fruit- anything you desire. So delicious and satisfying.

Apple nachos. Sliced up apples, drizzled chocolate and nut butter, topped with chocolate chips, nut, dried fruit, Skor pieces, shredded coconut. Anything you think of that will satisfy your taste buds!

Greek yogurt cookie dough. Greek yogurt, honey, nut butter, and chocolate chips. Filling, protein packed, enjoyable.

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